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  • 14 IRS Audit Red Flags
    Ever wonder why some tax returns are eyeballed by the IRS while most are ignored? Here are 14 red flags that draw attention.
  • Key Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor
    Considering what you've saved, where you want to live and what kind of health you'll be in, here are four questions you can ask your financial planner to help you embrace retirement with a solid financial strategy.
  • Portfolio Envy: The Other Guy's Size Doesn't Matter
    Size matters, at least when it comes to your investment portfolio. What shouldn't matter to you is the size of someone else's portfolio, unless you stand to inherit their money or they plan to give it to you.
  • 2,000 Days of Obama: How Have Stocks Done?
    It's been almost 2,000 days since President Obama took office,. This video looks at the stock market's performance during the president's tenure to this point and how it compares with past presidents.
  • An Easy Way To Pick Your Retirement Age
    It's important to set a retirement age. If you don't, you won;'t have any idea if you are saving enough to ever stop working. This article provides valuable insights.
  • Obamacare Ushers In Pile Of New 2014 Tax Forms
    Now that the individual health insurance mandate is in effect, many taxpayers will face confusion over tax penalties, exemptions, premium tax credits, and extra tax-preparation fees to comply with Obamacare on 2014 tax filings.

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