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  • 4 Smart Moves to Trim Next Year's Tax Bill Now
    With your 2013 tax return a not-so-distant memory, you probably aren't in the mood to think about your 2014 return. But if you want to avoid a tax hangover next spring, make a midyear pledge to lower next year's bill.
  • Some Annuities are to Die for
    As an alternative to life insurance, an annuity may provide the desired contractual death benefit guarantees, while allowing you to retain full control of your money.
  • Every Retirement Saver Must Pass This Test
    Many people don't understand how financial and economic concepts like compounding, inflation and risk diversification affect the performance of their investments.They may save a lot, but they don't necessarily save well.
  • Are Young Women Financial Fools?
    A recent survey from Wells Fargo found that 61% of Millennial men were saving for retirement, while only 50% of Millennial women were doing likewise.

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