Investment Management

Houston Asset Management, Inc. offers a variety of investment management programs that will be tailored to meet your individual needs, risk assessment, and financial aspirations. Our advisors partner with our clients throughout the whole process. Whether you are further along the path of life or just beginning your journey, Houston Asset Management can develop an investment management program to help you achieve your personal financial goals. We do not provide discretionary management. Instead, we will provide information and analysis in a format that is customized for you and give you the tools and guidance to make competent investment decisions.

Before we develop an investment portfolio, we will work with you to determine your financial objectives, your risk tolerance, your cash flow requirements, and time horizon. Once these factors are determined, we will build a customized portfolio with the appropriate balance of various investments and levels of investment risk meeting your financial ojectives. Finally, we will provide periodic management of your investment portfolio and make adjustments accordingly as your needs or goals change.

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